Shown here  below are images of the lake, the river the fish and the members, to the left of the page are links to previous years photos.


June on the lake, prolific evening hatches.



Set in the idyllic Rib Valley the lake is a place of tranquility and wild life, an afternoon spent here is not deducted from a mans alloted span !


The lake is around 3 acres and is 6' deep at the deepest point, there is one island and aqautic insect life is plentiful.  The larger browns in the lake feed on the Cray Fish and there are good hatches of terrestial flies on a warm evening.



You are meant to keep low down !



We have approximately 2 miles of the River Rib from Standon to Latchford Fords.


The River is tiny and fishes best till the end of June, there is a waiting list to fish the River and you can join the list once you are a member of the lake.


Brook Rods of 6', AFTM 2-3. small flies and "getting in" are the order of the day.


A good 6 pounder off the lake.



A few images of fish caught at Latchford, we stock the River with 9-10" fish and fingerlings and the Lake with MAXIMUM 3lb Rainbows, so as you can see some of the fish put on a lot of weight in the Lake and the River has a few resident Giants !


Open day in November



We keep to a maximum of 35 members, and the only time we have everyone in one place is the open day, here are a few images of various members !