About the Club: Latchford Fly Fishers

We are now near the end of our 4th Decade as a club...

Name: Latchford Fly Fishers.
Founded: 1986.

Total Membership: 37 full rods. (8 on River)

Methods: SINGLE Fly Only.

Fish in lake:  Mainly Rainbow Trout + a few Brown Trout.

Fish in River:  Brown Trout & Grayling

Season:  All year round

Stockings:  Regularly through the season.


Tackle:  Most people use a 7-9' rod, AFTM 5-7, with a floating line,  In the early season an interemediate or slow sinking with a buoyant fly can also be used.  A good long handled net is essential and makes the releasing of fish that much easier.  The River is tiny and here brook rods in the 5-6' class are best (AFTM 2-4)  and of course full floating lines.


Flies:  They all work !  Buzzers as it warms up, Lures when it is cold and nymphs all the time.  We are not fishing for stockies, we only stock 4 or 5 times a year and we have a good head of resident fish in the lake and they can be clever !  As the water warms action will move to the surface and a variety of small dry flies will be useful.


We are a small friendly members club who welcome new members to the fold !


Many of the present members have been with the club for a number of years and this makes for a pleasant trip to the lake as you are likely to bump in to an old friend !


With a membership of only 35 the lake is not heavily fished and you will not that often find more than one or two other people fishing.  We do have members with vast experience and who have fished all over the world as well as many who fish no where else and those who are new to the sport.  No matter how good (or bad) your casting is there will be someone better and someone worse than you !


Each year in November we have a Club Open day when we have a small competition for the best bag on the day and largest fish.  We are NOT a competitive club and this is the only "match" we hold all year.  There will be hot drinks and some food and as you can see from the picture above it is well supported.  We have an AGM in February.


Most people fish just the lake, we only have 8 rods on the River and as it is very small and VERY TRICKY to fish this only appeals to those who like stinging nettles and a proper struggle, but if you want to catch trout @ 4 to the pound and you like a challenge then the River Rib is for you !  We do have a waiting list for the River and you can join this waiting list once you are a member of the lake.  Each year some one has an encounter with a MONSTER on the river, the largest landed is 4.5 lbs, largest lost.................. now that is a fishermans story !


Contact Laurence Lock  info@ribs.co.uk or for more details go to the Rules and Membership Cost  pages.