Tuition: Fly Fishing, Casting, Tactics, Trout, Salmon Fresh and Salt Water with Kevin Pallet

Kevin In Full flow teaching the basics, Kevin is the guy with the hat on !

Kevin Pallet, one of the founders of the club. runs a Tuition service for all aspects of Fly Casting.


He is well travelled and well fished and can offer advice and tuition on all forms of fly fishing, Trout, Salmon, Saltwater etc etc as well as advise on fishing trips in the UK and abroad.


He has his own Web Site:


And below I have lifted a few bits from that site.

Kevin is a keen fly fisherman, with over 30 year experience (although i do enjoy chucking a big popper over a coral bommie !).


He is licensed as a coach by  the Angling Trust (coach no.453) which means as part of these qualifications he holds a valid First Aid Certificate, has Public Liability Insurance Cover, and has been CRB vetted and cleared to teach children and young people.


He has passed the Salmon and Trout Association, in conjunction with 1st 4 Sport Level 2 Fly Casting Qualification, in both single handed trout and salmon double handed casting.


He is a member of the Game Angling Instructors Association. and a member of the International Game Fish Association, having caught 3 inshore Grand Slams Certificated


He is listed as an instructor on the Sage, Tibor, Orvis and Abel Guide Programs.